Quality is the Key to Comfortable Workout Clothing

At gorillawear.com, we understand that comfort is the most important aspect of the workout clothing you wear. While the gym apparel we offer is both stylish and functional, we also make absolutely sure that it will provide the level of comfort you expect to have during your workout.

Overheating during a session at the gym can cause fatigue and injuries, but there is little chance of this happening to you if you wear our clothing while you work out. The material used in the manufacture of our gym wear allows you complete freedom of movement, and although you will perspire heavily during workouts, the fabric is breathable, and will provide sufficient ventilation to prevent your body from becoming overheated.

No matter what time of the year it is, gorillawear.com has the type of clothing available to keep you not only feeling and looking super cool during the summer months, but stylish clothing too, which will keep out the winter chill effectively, and have you looking as hot as ever on the coldest of days.

The range of high quality, perfectly fitting clothing we have available includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, as well as a wide range of accessories. While the workout clothing you choose is not as important as your actual workout, it can be the deciding factor as to whether your efforts at the gym are effective or not.

All gorilla’s need great looking pants!

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Want to work-out hard with the help of a fabric that breathes while you do? Dunellen Mesh Pants are constructed with miniature holes to help you keep cool when the going gets hot!

Working out in hostile foul weather? Our heavy Cargo Pants will take anything you throw at them and the heavy belt buckle will keep your pants right where they should be!

Looking to workout then hang out? Our Logo Meshpants, 82 Sweat Pants and special Track Pants Gold Edition can take you straight from track to social hang-out without compromising your edgy sense of style! The perfect work hard then play hard combi!

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How to wear your gym shorts with style

Gym shorts should always be stylish. If you plan on taking your workout to the gym, your gym shorts should deliver in style as well as comfort during a sweat-busting workout. Here are a few tips to follow when wearing gym shorts, all of which can be found at gorillawear.com


Shorts should at least cover your knees half way and be no longer than a few inches below the knee. The Classic Seersucker Shorts are ideal for intense workouts as they provide enough room to keep you cool. The Superior Mesh Shorts are also knee length and have a 100% breathable polyester mesh.

Short shorts

If you’re brave enough to sport more flesh in the gym than these fit the bill. They also keep you cooler and give you more freedom of movement. The Hotpant Heavy Shorts are the solution as they feature a 94/6 Cotton/Elestane blend to keep you dry when you are stretching and moving.

No swimwear, please…

Don’t use your swim shorts for the gym – they’re hardly fit for purpose. Avoid discomfort (and being laughed at) during your workout and invest in the athletic range for features like elastic waistbands that keep a good, comfortable fit when you’re doing squats in the gym.

So now you have a few tips on wearing gym shorts with style, get yourself the right pair now at gorillawear.com before the next time you work up a sweat in the gym.