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Clay is not a “writing our own vows” kind of guy and I respect that.

But, the writer in me, the one who lives in her head, swimming with words…well that girl is having a hell of a time thinking of stating the standard words everyone else states. If he would let me, I would say these words. I would hold his hands and most assuredly have the sea air blow bits of my hair into my lip gloss. I would hold back my own tears to tell him these things, to tell him that my heart is irrevocably his. But, he won’t. I will say them here, instead.

With this ring, I promise you all of the things I fear promising. Because in you, my safe harbor, my heart fears nothing. I promise you this heart, this body, this spirit. I promise you these things in all of their various states and I take yours in all of their various states. I promise in our wildest wealth or our most lean days of suffering that you will find me, by your side. I promise that your door will always be mine to guard. I promise to strive to give you my best, but to trust you with my worst. I promise I will treat your dreams as my dreams, your wants as my wants, your worries as my worries, your heart as my heart.

Til our days are no longer I am yours.

Where you go, I will go and where you stay, I will stay.

18 Responses to “Vows”

  1. Sayre Says:

    Shoot – I’ll marry you!!!! Seriously, those words are so perfect for you two. Perhaps he’d be willing to read vows that YOU wrote rather than the ones out of a book?

  2. christine Says:

    oh this was lovely! xo

  3. shrink on the couch Says:

    Or maybe after reading the standard vows you (or the preacher, judge, whomever is marrying) can read the vows. Or have a close friend read the vows to everyone? Words are too wonderful for your guests to miss.

  4. magpie Says:

    Lovely. I hope you can find a way to work some or all of them in.

  5. Brian Says:

    Print these on your invites. Or on the program. Or on a banner that flows behind the flyby airplane . . .

    Just do it.

  6. Jess Says:

    I agree with everyone else. Those should be heard, or read, or incorporated somehow. They’re wonderful.

  7. kelley @ magnetoboldtoo Says:

    You made me swoon.

    But then again your words always do.


  8. ewe_are_here Says:

    Truly lovely words. You write beautifully.

    It wasn’t in us to write our vows either when we quietly got married. But we used a non-traditional ceremony, the Happiness Ceremony.

  9. heidi Says:

    This is so beautiful. Just so beautiful.
    It’s great to see you here again. You’ve been missed!

  10. Sybil Law Says:


  11. Kelly @ Student of the Year Says:

    So much lovelier than ’til death do us part.’ Really, really lovely.

  12. TwoBusy Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous.

    Clay? Wise up, my friend. You’ve got a gem here. Let her shine.

  13. Yo Says:

    oh my. i had goosebumps the whole time. gorgeous. so gorgeous.

  14. sarah piazza Says:

    oh to be loved like that.

  15. Jocelyn Says:

    I totally imagined your hair stuck in your lip gloss with every word I read. We hear you. It’s gorgeous.

  16. Kyla Says:

    I’m so glad you two have each other. What love!

  17. KMarrs Says:

    You, are beautiful. Your spirit, your words, your heart. Beautiful. I just found you, but I may never leave. I love your blog that much!

  18. Dani Says:

    seriously? this brought me to tears. Happy, wonderful, ginormous, fat, giggling tears. My co-workers think i’m crazy at the moment.

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