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Goodnight, moon.

Thank you for the years of love and support and friendship in this space. It has been a growing place for me. Just like these burgundy butterflies on the column, I need too- to fly.

Life outside the chrysalis calls. I answer.

25 Responses to “Goodnight, moon.”

  1. kelley @ magnetoboldtoo Says:

    I adore you.

    You and your beautiful words will be missed.


  2. sarah piazza Says:

    Don’t be a stranger. Love you. xo

  3. De a Says:

    To shout into the abyss and hear an echo in return is a magical moment, but just a moment in a lifetime of miracles.

    Fare well. I hope we meet again.

  4. Stimey Says:

    You already fly.

    Love you. I’ll see you around.

  5. Amanda Says:


  6. magpie Says:

    Love to you. See you ’round the other parts.

  7. Yo Says:

    this makes me too sad. i will not comment.

    oh. i just read everyone else’s comments and they seem pretty nice and supportive. FINE. i hope your gorgeous words find a place :)

  8. Sybil Law Says:

    Most beautiful butterfly around.

  9. Amy Y Says:

    You are an inspiration. I will miss you… glad I can keep up with your beautiful self on FB :)

  10. bikerchick Says:

    I’m so sad :-( Your blog posts were like a delicious dessert when they appeared in my feedreader– I couldn’t wait to dig in. Are you writing anywhere else? Pretty please?

  11. Sayre Says:

    Oh, dear Flutter… I’ve been following you for so long. I’ve cried and laughed and agonized right along side you from the other side of the country. I’ve prayed for you, for healing and love and now it looks as if Someone has been listening (or perhaps watching over you all along) for now you have risen above what went before. You have love and you love.

    Though I will miss your words here, I will look forward to future words elsewhere, in a happier state. Congratulations!!!!

  12. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    Love you, dear heart. <3

  13. jaded Says:

    may your journey encompass all you desire and need.

  14. @maggiedammit Says:

    End of an era.


    Love you.

  15. Lara Says:

    I will miss you so very much. I haven’t been a good commenter, but I’ve been here. You’ve meant so much to me. More than you will know.

  16. Juli Says:

    Spread your wings and fly, butterfly.

  17. shrink on the couch Says:

    Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
    You’re a butterfly
    And butterflies are free to fly
    Fly away, high away bye bye

    See? Even Elton John wishes you farewell. And me. Will miss your inspiring, beautifully written posts.

  18. Neil Says:

    I loved your blog. Looking forward to reading your book.

  19. Kyla Says:

    Your writing has always been so gorgeous and so moving, I’ll miss you here.

    I think out of all the blogs I read religiously back in the golden age of blogging, Alejna is the last one standing (in her initial incarnation, at least). I keep everyone in my reader, though, just in case. :) You’ll be there, too.

  20. vodkamom Says:

    and the butterfly spread her wings, and flew…………..

  21. christine Says:

    i miss you. that is all. xo

  22. Velma Says:

    I soooooo get this. Wishing you love and wonderful things in life. :)

  23. alejna Says:

    I’ll have you know that I still miss your writing! But I am happy knowing that you are still growing and still being creative.

  24. andrea frazer Says:

    What are you up to these days, dear Flutter?

  25. Moobs Says:

    I hope the silence here is because you are bathed in bright noisy happiness elsewhere

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