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He makes me laugh. This picture, especially, because he could not be less gangsta if he tried. Not even if he was Eminem.


He goes to the Botanical Garden with me, without complaint. He does so with my family, without complaint, and when they aren’t looking, he has me take pictures of him- humping a pole.


It’s a bit of a theme, really.


People travel from all over the world to see the Grand Canyon, the caption on his Facebook album of the Grand Canyon? “The Grand Canyon- yep, it’s definitely a big hole in the ground.”


He looks like he is going to kill me as I annoy him. But he doesn’t actually kill me. He just attempts death by eyeball. It is a quasi-effective method of making me less annoying. Unless I am especially annoying that day. Then I am an annoying force of nature. Yet, he doesn’t  kill me. He just makes this face.


He also lets me post pictures of him on the internet, with what appears to be a hairy barnacle stuck to his face.

I love him. He is brilliant on levels that I didn’t know actual people were capable. He is unflinchingly political. He is hilarious. Patient. Responsible. Cute as hell. He is five years younger than I am and infinitely more mature. He loves my mother. He yells “Goddamn Motherfucking Shit!” in his sleep. He makes me feel safe.

He is 29 today and I love him a little more, every day.

Happy Birthday, Clay Burke. I love you.

47 Responses to “He”

  1. Lisa Milton Says:

    Happy birthday to Mr. Flutter. I love all those looks on his face. :)

  2. Mango Girl Says:

    Well Happy Birthday! If you make her happy, it is good enough for me.


  3. we_be_toys Says:

    Now that is some sweet goddamn motherfucking shit!

    Happy Birthday Clay!
    (sha la la la, you got to kiss the girl!)

  4. Emily R Says:

    happy birthday, clay

  5. Aunt Becky Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. F. You’re making me smile.

  6. TigereyeSal Says:

    Wow- happy birthday!

  7. Sybil Law Says:

    Happy Birthday, Clay!
    Awesome. :D

  8. deb Says:

    He’s a cutely and you can see the love he has for you on his face. Happy birthday to He.

  9. Fran Says:

    Happy Birthday, Clay! I love you for loving her! I don’t even have to know you. :)

  10. Hilly Says:

    Awww, Happy Birthday to Him!

  11. maggie, dammit Says:

    Awww. Happy birthday, Clay!

  12. mamatulip Says:

    You two are a gorgeous couple.

    Happy Birthday, Clay. :)

  13. magpie Says:

    Happy birthday to one lucky guy.

  14. Painted Maypole Says:


    Happy Birthday, Clay!

  15. Deborah Beckwith Says:

    Happy bird do APK, my most favorite fiance in law!!! Kelsey says Happy Birthday UNCLE Clay…ahem. :)

  16. Kim Says:

    Happy birthday, Clay! Anyone who makes Flutter as happy as this deserves to have a super spectacular day!

  17. jaded Says:

    Have a happy one, or two…..

  18. de Says:

    Best wishes for a year worthy of remembering.

    29 is looking good.

  19. meno Says:

    Awww, that’s perfect. And you know i don’t say that lightly. Thank you for being you, and this post is thanks to him, for being he.

  20. Angeline Says:

    Finally I get to see YOU!!!
    Ok, get back to the main point…
    Happy Birthday to the Man who completely won Flutter’s heart!

  21. Gwen Says:

    Awwww. Young lovers: so sweet. Happy (late) birthday, Clay.

  22. rimarama Says:

    He’s a keeper!

  23. Merrily Says:

    That is sweet!

  24. Kyla Says:

    Happy birthday, Clay!

  25. alejna Says:

    Awww. This post fills me with warm fuzziness.

    I hope Clay had a fabulous day.

  26. Not Afraid To Use It Says:

    Any man who lets you blind him with a camera flash while hurtling down the road is awesome. Happy birthday, man. I hope there was lots of pole-humping involved.

  27. sadira Says:

    Happy Birthday you big pole humping gangsta stud! I hope get everything you wish for and love every minute of it…

  28. Jocelyn Says:

    He also gives you clean, clear love, unadulterated by murky crap or self-questioning. You are right to appreciate him so. How could you not, if he yells that kind of stuff in his sleep? I find that immensely endearing.

  29. Bon Says:

    aw. he looks like he knows he’s lucky to have his hairy barnacle.

  30. vodkamom Says:

    someone pass the tissues………..

  31. Gypsy Says:

    Aw. Love.

  32. Red Flashlight Says:

    Nice! I’m an annoying force of nature myself. I think it makes us endearing, akshully. :)

  33. blognut Says:

    He is adorable. And you? Are a lucky girl.

  34. Angel Says:

    He’s CUTE! Happy Birthday Mr.Humper of poles!

  35. bejewell Says:

    There’s nothing on Earth like having a partner who can make you laugh and refrain from murdering you for all your fucked up shit. You’re both incredibly lucky. Happy birthday big man!

  36. krista Says:

    my absolute favorite thing about your man is that he shouts expletives in his sleep. that made me laugh out loud.

  37. fancy feet Says:

    Pole humping. That made me laugh as that is something my husband would do, or, oh right, does. Safety – that is a wonderful thing.

  38. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

    That made me swoon just a little bit.

    And feel just a tad jealous.

    Happy Birthday Pole Humper.

  39. phd in yogurtry Says:

    ahh, flutter love. happy birthday, clay!

  40. sharon Says:

    Happy belated birthday Clay, hope it was the goddamn motherfucking shit! ;)

    PS–very nice photos.

  41. A Free Man Says:

    Sweet post. Happy birthday to your guy and congrats to you both.

  42. KC Says:

    I hope his birthday was fabulous. Clay – take care of my flutter!

  43. motherofbun Says:

    Happy Birthday Clay! Well happy belated birthday anyway…

  44. Yours Charnas Says:

    HAPPY BIRFDAY, CLAY BURKE!! You pole-humping gangsta, you.

    You’re one lucky man with a woman like Christine, no?


    I have a distinct feeling that You’re both lucky.

  45. Preachy Charnas Says:

    Umm… Who is “Yours” Charnas?

    I wonder if we’re related?

  46. erin Says:

    I love your love of him. I love his sweet mother fucking shouting in his sleep. And hey, his shoulders ain’t so bad. (Currently into shoulders.)
    oh, happy belated

  47. phd in yogurtry Says:

    ok, just had to come back for a quick peek at those long lashes.

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