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1Commercial decoration USES light color to reflect the characteristics of buildings, highlight the artistic effect of buildings, show the prosperity of commerce, entertainment district lively and relaxed, show the solemnity and sanctity of the government district, set off the beautiful and long history and culture of historical sites.
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    Mixing light technology is a measure to improve the color rendering or light effect. But it must not be understood as the only solution. Because the experiment makes clear, when installing two kinds of illuminant inside same lamps and lanterns, the performance index such as light source life, will be affected by certain, and mix adequately to make chromatic table different two kinds of illuminant, had better be to mix illuminant outfit inside a lamps and lanterns again. It should be noted that it is impossible to achieve the highest level of each light source for color rendering and light effect obtained by mixed-light illumination. It is an ideal goal to develop a light source with excellent color rendering and light efficiency


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